MAC Dare You

As you’ll get to know this blog and me better you’ll begin see that I’m bit of a lipstick-girl! One of the best things in my morning  is to find the colour of the day! I love wearing lipstick – some days more bold that others. The lipstick that I have been reaching for the most over the last couple of weeks is MAC Dare You. And yes, this is kind of a Hi, I’m going out tonight-lipstick and it might be a bit over the top for a normal school day but I feel that the way that I wear it works. I start by applying some lip balm before I lightly dap lipstick on my bottom lip – you’ve gotta moisture those lips. I then take a lip brush and distribute the lipstick all over the lips. I might take a bit more on the finger and dap I on but that’s it. This leaves the lips in a subtle but nice burgundy colour and sort of melted into my lips.

The formula is a Creamsheen which is the only formula that I own from MAC. It’s a very creamy, quite opaguw colour that leave the lips with a nice sheen – even with the dipping and dapping. The lipstick is easy to work with and it’s not drying. 

                                                                    (Dare You is a bit darker in real life)

I really want to try some of the other formulas from MAC – do you just love the frost, satin lustre or which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 

Thanks for reading 
Marie-Louise xx

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