So I shopped until I dropped at Matas (smaller Danish version of  Boots) As I’m collecting points through my membership, I quickly went and looked at the pointshop, a few weeks ago to see if there where anything that caught my eye. There were a few things but the products that I just had to have. 
Both of the products I ended up with was from Comwell Spa. I’ve heard about the brand (nothing negative) but I didn’t know anything about it, since it was technical free, I thought what the heck and ordered the two products. 
The one that I’ve tried a couple of times is the SPA*LOSOPHY Cleansing face & body foam £9
As you can see in the bagground of the picture there is another Comwell product and that is a scrub for the body (Maybe a review in the making for you ;)) Therefore I chose to try this gentle and creamy foam to cleanse my face. The foam is not as foamy as I would like but oh well. I apply the product on wet skin and use 1 pump all over the face and neck, then rinse it of with water. I cleanse my face after removing all of my makeup.
The organic avocado oil feeds the skin with moisture and the white hibiscus extract makes the skin appear natual grommed and healthy. My skin have been in poor condition lately and after using this, my forehead has begun to look and feel nice and clean. 
What do you use to cleanse your skin? Do you use foam or cleansing water? 
I happily welcome suggestions 🙂 
Have a nice week 
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