Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi, Girlies!
How are you all doing? This weather is making me feel fresh, happy and active. It’s May which means spring, nature and birds singing, it also mean that mothers day is just around the corner (Sunday in Denmark) and it’s time to show your mother a little looove! Here are some mother’s day gift ideas, if you’re buying them a little late 🙂

1. Tickets to the cinema
A little trip to the cinema never hurts anyone. Find a girlie movie and take your mother. She would love some time mother-daughter time. You could maybe even take her out for dinner before the movie

2. Breakfast in bed
She would love this easy, simple idea. Who wouldn’t? Breakfast in bed is always a winner, plus it’s a student friendly present – if you of course are home that day.

3. Gift-basket
You can put anything you want in a basket. Customised, so it fits your mothers needs and wants. Creams, masks, nail polish, bath soap, shower gel and all kind of girlie-beauty related things.

4. Perfume 
There’s not a lot to say about perfume! It’s a lovely present, that she will love, do doubt. Just find one that she loves, maybe her signature or a new fresh scent.

5. Spa
This is one of the more expensive presents, but think about it, it can also benefit you! 😉 This will be a day or weekend where you and your mother can bond, have some girlie-fun and just be together.

6. Flowers
Something as simple as a flower bouquet is going to make your mother happy. A great student buy, as you can get a delivery service to deliver them, if you’re able to be there.

This was my quick little gift idea post. Hopefully it was useful and gave you some ideas, if haven’t found something already! Would love to know what you’re getting your mother for Mothers Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading

Love Marie-Louise x

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