Recipe: Date Balls

I’ve been baking again. Or these are not going to be baked, so I’ve actually just been mixing ingredients together which has given this lovely sweet-tooth-snack result. These date balls are a great, healthy option for anyone with a late night sweet tooth. They do not contain flour or sugar. Yay! 

This recipe makes 30-35 balls:
150 g Dried dates (stoneless)
75 g  Almonds
40 g  Oats
40 g  Coconut flakes
30 g  Unsweetened cacao powder
Splash of water
Some extra coconut flakes to roll the ball in

Start by weighing the dry ingredients. Put them in a bowl and put the bowl away for later use. 
Then you need to blend the dates and the almonds together. It can get a little dry so add a splash of water, but be careful not to get if too wet. 
When the dates and almonds are blended into a nice, firm consistency, you blend the dry ingredients into the mix. All you need to do now is roll it into balls. They look quite big in the pictures, but they are only about the same size as a table tennis ball, or smaller. 

And there you go! You have a nice sweet snack. They could also be a great gift for when you’re visiting your parents, grand parents or just a friend. Put them in a little jar and wrap a ribbon around it. Fun, tasty little present that everyone would love.

They taste better if they cool down a little bit in the fridge, where they should also be stored.

Do you like these recipe, food posts? I quite like doing them even though I only have 2 post so far. The other posts is a unhealthy, but tasty cookie recipe. You can take a peek here.

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