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Hi Girlies! 
So, I’ve been a really bad blogger lately! Bad, bad blogger! I’ve been stressed with my exam and graduation. And I’ve been a bad blogger with taking pictures for this post – I got so excited and ripped the packaging before taking any pictures, wupsi!

I’ve been meaning to pick some of these nail stickers up and when these went on a 3 for 2 sale I had to try them. I picked up 2 nail stickers and one nail varnish, which I’ll be showing in another post. 

These ones are from L’ORÉAL PARIS and are called Color Riche Le Nail Art. The one that I’m wearing right now is 031 Tie-Dye Rocks 

So, I had my graduation last Friday and wanted to do something a little special with my nails. These nail stickers are an amazing option to do different, more colourful nails. I love colours and just fell head over heels these. There are a lot of options for making your nails beautiful and more creative. In this range there are a lot of options and I’m definitely going to get more of these. Some are fun, colourful and others are more nighttime sophisticated.

There are 18 stickers per package. Since you only have 10 fingernails, or at least most of us have 😉 you have some left over. So if you make a mistake you can fix it or if you apply them perfectly – Lucky you – you can mix them with other stickers or with nail varnish. Like take the Tie-Dye stickers on 2 nails and a nail varnish on 3 nails, that would be cool!

Anyone tried nail stickers before? What did you think? And which brand did you try out? 🙂 Would be open to try other options. 

Also, I just placed and order from, so look out for a little haul soon 😉 

Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for reading! 🙂


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  • Reply Photo-Jenn-ic at

    I really want to try these, they look great!


  • Reply Beauty Box at

    They look fab and have turned out so well! The last time I tried nail stickers I didn't do them very well and they all peeled off! These look fab though 🙂 x

  • Reply Mandee S. at

    Those are so cute! I love nail stickers! I use Sephora brand or Kiss. 🙂

  • Reply Cecilie Walther at

    Det ser virkelig fedt ud! Måske man skulle overveje at prøve det engang 🙂

    Cecilie //

  • Reply Emma Jensen at

    Ej hvor ser det fedt ud! Troede lige i starten, på første billede, at du selv havde lavet det med lak, men nej!
    Gud hvor er det altså lækkert, og virkelig godt billede, det første der 🙂

    Har en giveaway igang om et hudplejesæt imod uren hud, til en værdi af 880 kr. på bloggen 🙂

    Knus Emma

  • Reply LynseyMac at

    Ooh these are so lovely!!

    Lynsey xx

  • Reply Courtney Melville at

    These are incredible, i suck at nail art/stickers, so it's always plain for me, but you've done a great job with these!xx

  • Reply Hannah Hepton at

    I haven't tried any nail stickers before but I really want to! Much better than slapping chemicals on my nails everyday haha. The second ones look like Jazzies (not sure if you have them in Denmark!) which are my favourite sweets EVER! haha 🙂

    Hannah x

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    They are really easy to work with 🙂 I had them on for a week, and then I had to take them of.
    Thanks for commenting xx

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    De er på tilbud i Matas lige nu og de holdte i ca en uge, før jeg tog dem af 🙂
    Knus <3

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Tusind tak skal du have. Hvor er du sød 🙂
    Jeg tager et kig nu her.

    Tak for kommentaren

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Haha, just googled Jazzies and thet so much a like 😉 That's so funny. Think they will look great for a colourfull, fun, summer look 🙂
    Thanks for commenting xx

  • Reply Rachel Charlton-Dailey at

    Theyre so pretty, I make sure a mess of nail polish so might give stickers a go

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