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Hi lovelies!

A couple of weeks ago L’Oréal Paris Denmark gave me and a lot of other L’Oreal Hair Care interested people the opportunity to review some hair care products via their Facebook page. I don’t know if it’s every L’Oreal Paris pages that does this or if it’s only Denmark, but go check their page out and sign up to become a tester! It’s really simple and hopefully you get some products – wup wup. 

All of the Ever ranges is sulfate free which is great for sensitive scalps. They contain botanical oils, which gives the scent a spa-feel-scent! 

Okay, so I had to choose two people to test some products too, so I chose my sister and one of my best friends. I chose these girlies because of their different hair types and because I wanted to pamper them a bit! 

My sister have coloured hair which is in need of some volume. So she will be given the EverPure for coloured hair. In the EverPure range there are two different shampoos and conditioners – one that gives volume and one that moisturises. My sister will get the one that gives volume, so she can get volumlisious hair! 

My friend, Camilla, have coloured hair too, but I figured that since it’s coloured blond the hair would probably be in need of some moisture. She will be given the other EverPure option. Shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair in need of moisture. So she can get some lovely moisturised healthilisious hair.

Now for me. I actually also have coloured hair but my hair is also curly and very frizzy. So the EverSleek range is the one that I will be testing! The EverSleek range is for frizzy, overworked hair. It’s suppose to smooth and intensively nourish the hair. I really hope this works, because my hair, as it is now, is really dull and frizzy. Hope I get frizzy free nourishislious hair. 

So for a little bonus I received some extra products. One product from every range. The EverStrong Intensive Hair Mask for fragile brittle hair. This hair mask is for Camilla. I only have a little experience with blond hair, as my ends are blond, but they are really fragile and brittle, so since all of her hair is blond I figured this will be perfect for her. 

For the EverSleek range I’m getting the Smoothing Anti-frizz Serum. After using shampoo and conditioner you take this one or two pumps of this serum and spread it through dry hair focussing on the lenghts and ends. 

The next product is from the EverPure range. It’s a Lasting Moisture Leave-In Cream for coloured and dry hair. You spread it through damp or dry hair and it will leave your hair smoother and softer. 

The last product is from the EverRiche range which is for dry and very dry hair. It’s a Masque Spray that will leave your hair feeling nourished and soft. You apply it after shampoo and conditioner and then rinse it out. 

The last two product are undecided where they will end up – one for me and one for my sister. Think the EverRiche one will end up with my sister and the one from EverPure will end up with me for my coloured hair. 

Hope you liked this post which is kind of a haul but not really. All you Danish readers go and sign up here and hopefully you’ll also get some of these products to test out 🙂 

I’ll get the girls to take some pictures of their hair, so you can see the changes, if there are any. And they will of course also tell me about their experience with the products, so I can tell you guys. 

Have any of you tried one or some of these products? What did you think? Have you any products that are amazing for frizzy and curly hair, please tell me in the comments below 🙂

Have a lovely day, thanks for reading!


PS. I’m on instagram (mlhauken), if you want to see daily pictures of my life. I’m also on Twitter for daily tweets and for weekly posts, you can follow me on bloglovin <3

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  • Reply Photo-Jenn-ic at

    I love the ever pure range, it really improved my hair!

  • Reply Nanna Camilla at

    Du har simpelthen sådan en fantastisk blog! – Jeg er SÅ tosset med den!
    Hvor redigere du dine billeder henne, det ser så fedt ud? – Du har de lækreste billeder!
    Bagte de cookies du smed på bloggen og wow de er gode!!

    Måske du vil kigge forbi? – Vi har en blog primært om DIY og anmeldelser :))

  • Reply Dhruvee Masters at

    what a cute little blog! Lovely photos hun! I love blogs with great pictures 😀 .. and these products look great! Must try some of these 😀 .. great post! xx

  • Reply caise at

    great products:) I love Loreal:)

  • Reply Laura Hyatt at

    I heard about this range from other bloggers, but kind of dismissed it, but you’re convincing me otherwise! I might have to go and check it out now. Great review. Love the blog too! xx

  • Reply Rikke Sunds at

    Hvor er du bare hammerheldig, og tak for tippet. Jeg tror jeg vil smutte forbi deres facebookside, det er jo alletiders! <3

    Jeg har en konkurrence på min blog, hvor man kan vinde et valgfrit foto på lærred! Kig gerne forbi:


  • Reply helen at thelovecatsinc at

    the range sounds really good!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube // bloglovin

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Cool! I look forward to get fabulous hair! x

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Hvor er du sød! Sådan en dejlig kommentar at få.
    Jeg redigere dem i picmonkey, elsker at gøre meget ud af billederne 😉

    Dejligt at du kunne lide dem, de er så lækre <3

    Jeg tager gerne et kig forbi.

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Thanks so much! I love to take pictures and edit them, so that's a nice comment to get 🙂 I love blogs with reat pictures too 🙂

    Thanks for commenting xx

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    Det var så lidt, altid godt med nogle gratis produkter 🙂 Håber også at du bliver udvalgt!

    Tak, jeg tager et kig. Superb fed konkurrence 🙂 Ved lige hvilket foto jeg skal have på lærred 🙂

    Tak for kommentaren
    Knus <3

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