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Hi girlies! 

Today I have a little review for you. This morning I was applying my make up and used the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in a purple shade, for a little definition on my lower lash line. I’ve never tried a shadow stick before so when these came out in Denmark, a couple of weeks ago, I had to pick some up. It was very easy to choose the first colour since I’m a neutrals girl. I picked up 003 Bad Girl Bronze which is a shimmery bronze. Even though I’m a neutrals girl I quite like the idea of a little colour now and then, so I also picked up a coloured one. I love purple, it’s my favourite colour, and since purple benefits brown eyes I had to pick up the colour 006 Paranoid Purple.

The sticks have a creamy consistency and are very buildable. Now, I haven’t tried this, but I in my opinion you can do a smokey eye with just one stick, because of the buildableness. You would apply the shadow all over the lid and blend so it doesn’t have a deep colour and then blend some in, in the crease – a couple of time, so it gets to the darker-smokey stage and lastly apply some on the lower lash line for a night-smokey-eye. Just a little thought, I think would work. 

Bad Girl Bronze is great for the whole lid, for smoking out the crease and for a little definition on the under lash line. I primary use this for the whole lid and blend it out for a daytime look. I’m tempted to pick up one more neutral in the colour Bulletproof Beige which is a light, golden beige shimmer. It would be perfect for all over the lid for a light daytime look and to apply in the tear duct area to lighten up the eyes. 

Paranoid Purple is a beautiful eggplant shimmery colour. Now, I wouldn’t use this for the whole lid but this is just the neutral girl in me that says no but I LOVE this colour for defining my lower lash line a bit. For other colour full looks for the summer, I’m tempted to pick up Gossip Green and Blamed Blue. Gossip Green is a mossy green colour and Blamed Blue is a bright, shimmery blue. They would be perfect for a beachy colour full summer look. 

The sticks are waterproof and 24 hour wear which is perfect for beachy-summer-days. I believe that they are waterproof but not 24 hour wear, which in my opinion is fine, as I’m not going to wear these for 24 hours anyway. Saying that they are not 24 hour wear, doesn’t mean that they don’t last for a long time. I would probably say that they last for about 10-12 hours or so. 

I love that the range consits of so many colours and neutrals to choose from. Everyone can find one that they like and will use. I would have loved one or two matte ones, since they are all shimmery. 

As it’s the first time with eye shadow sticks for me, I can’t compare. But I really like the affect on these and find them easy to work with. They would actually be perfect to pack for a festival as they are so quick and easy to work with.

Over all for this review, you can see that I’m very positive and will probably pick some of the other colours up! 😉

Have you tried these eyeshadow sticks? Which colour did you pick up? Have you tried any other brands, which?

Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a lovely summer day!


Marie-Louise x

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  • Reply Renu at

    I got this in Bulletproof Beige and love it so much, I feel like going out and getting them in all colours; it feels so good to apply and looks fab. May get some after my shopping ban, your swatches are both lovely x
    My Beauty Junction

  • Reply Beau Maquillagex at

    I really want to pick some of these up, they sound amazing! Next time I am in Boots/Superdrug I'm definitely going to try these 🙂 x

  • Reply Andrew James at

    These totally remind me of MAC shadesticks i really need to get my hands on them i love the purple i hope they have a black one

  • Reply Ray at

    great product 🙂 can be used for quick smokey look!

    Primed with Prettiness

  • Reply Sandra at

    I wish we had Rimmel. They keep coming out with amazing products!

  • Reply Keira Eilbeck at

    I have bad girl bronze and I am in love with it! xx

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