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Hi girlies!
We’re half way through my packing series and I wanted to do a different post – don’t worry part 4 will be up tomorrow! 

The festival season is upon us and who doesn’t love music, cider (Me and beer does not click), loads of happy people and of course the fashion. Personally I’ve never been to a festival-festival where you put up a tent, sleep 2 hours a day and is drunk all the time. But I’ve been to loads of Summer Concerts with multiple artists. 
 Fashion wise I wanted to show you this amazing Timeline New Look has created! 
The timeline takes you all the way back to 1969 where some of the first festivals showed up. You can click through the years 1969 to 2013 and take a peek at what fashion, style and music genre were on trend.

I loved going through this timeline and seeing how the fashion has developed over the years, so I wanted to share my favourite years and create some looks, from New Look’s site, that I would wear in that time period.

As you can see on the timeline, the fashion through the years has really have an impact on the fashion for 2013. In 2013 there are loads of  ‘options‘ for what you could wear, all of these options are inspired by the fashion over the years – Crazy thought!
My faves over the years are definitely 1969, 2004 and 2013. Therefore I’ve found some items and created 3 different looks for 3 different time periods.

In 1969 the hippie and the relax feeling rocked the fashion. I adore this set and I think that I would actually wear it for now too. Probably minus the bag, as I’m not the biggest fan of the fringe, but thought it was perfect for this outfit. I’m a big fan of the headband trend, though! If I had a head that it would look great on, I would wear one everyday 😉 

In 2004 the music had an impact on the fashion too. It was all about trilby hatsskinny jeans and bracelets. This outfit is more indie than bohemian but I think it’s quiet cool. Again with the hair piece, I would totally wear it if my head was the right shape. 

Now for 2013 I thought I would create a look that I would personally wear for a festival! Keep in mind, I haven’t actually attended one so I have know idea if it’s practical. But I love neon colours and lace at the moment so thought it was appropriate for my creation! 

Go and take a peek over on NEWLOOK.CO.UK and have a fun with the timeline. 

Let me know which look you like the most and if you thought I did the year justice 🙂

Hope you liked it, thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day <3


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  • Reply Sally at

    Such a cool timeline idea and your outfits fit really nicely with it 🙂

    love your blog!



  • Reply Rikke Sunds at

    Det er genialt! Og lidt fint at tænke på, at mange af items'ene er på vej tilbage!


  • Reply Adora Mehitabel at

    Great timeline! I done some festival newlook looks on my blog

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