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Hi lovelies! How I have missed you. I feel like it has been ages since I blogged – even though it was last week! If you haven’t seen that post, then you should definitely take a peek here, cause it’s a huge haul and I think you would like it. 

I started school yesterday, it has been about 3 months since I had classes so I have to get use to listening, writing notes, do homework and just learn again. I will need to get more organised so that I can put up some posts while I’m also attenting school 🙂 Right now I’m laying in bed under the covers feeling really tired but I just felt like blogging, so here is a new post for you all. This one is a little “how to..” or “How mlhauken does..”. 

I am a really bad brush cleaner, I often “forget” as I’m usually using the same products with the same brush, but it is really important to clean your brushes as some of the product will get build up and mixed with bacterias and nasties – and we do not want that on our faces as it can cause breakouts and impurities. So clean your brushes ladies. I would say that I clean my brushes once or twice a month, as I’m usually the only one using them. I really want to get better at spot cleaning too, so that I have a clean blending brush if needed. 

Do let me know in comments how you spot clean your brushes and what you use to clean them with 🙂 

So now for how I clean my brushes. I usually have a bunch to clean at the same time. So I line them up, get a towel, some shampoo and stand by the sink to have easy access to some water. This time I’m at my dad’s so I used his shampoo, as this is a gentle one and mine is for treating frizzy and overworked hair, which I thought would be too much for cleaning brushes. I start of getting them wet and then I squeeze out some shampoo in my hand, about as much as I have in my hand on the picture. I then take the wet brush and start to rub it in the shampoo in my hand,  put a little water on it and rub again. When you feel like all of the product is gone you simply just rinse it until all of the shampoo is out.

One thing you want to be careful with is that you never want to get water up passed the metal part on the brush, because it can soak into the brush, loosen the glue and then it will fall apart. Also, to make sure my brushes, especially the rounded ones, don’t loose its shape I make sure to have the actual head of the brush hanging of the table on a towel – in this case a pretty turquoise one 😉 I left mine to dry overnight, so I don’t know exactly how fast they dry. 

I think that was it! How do you clean your brushes and do you use shampoo or actual brush cleaning soaps? Let me know in the comments, as I’m quite curious on how others clean their brushes 🙂 

Have a great day or night – where ever you are in the world! 

Thanks so much for reading 

Lot of love 
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  • Reply Layla D at

    Hair shampoo is a great way to clean make-up brushes but I also love using fairy liquid or washing up liquid as this cuts through any grease and oil!! 🙂

    Layla xx

  • Reply Lydia Smyth at

    Wow! I never thought of using this, I've only been using soapy waters but this looks great. Will definitely try it 🙂
    Lydia Rose

  • Reply suzanne marie at

    i use olive oil to get the colour out of brushes and then wash in condicioner 🙂

  • Reply BlueVoiletHearts at

    ahhh awesome post, I need to do this haha

  • Reply DreamFox at

    Great post 🙂 I use a little olive oil on a piece of tissue paper and swirl the brush in it first, then wash the brush with baby shampoo. It cleans them up pretty well, but I use the tiniest bit of conditioner on the brushes too to make them a little softer, then rinse and leave to dry 🙂

  • Reply D and F Features at

    I am in the baby shampoo camp for cleaning my brushes – inexpensive and very effective! I have been experimenting a lot recently with different stuff so have been washing them more than usual so have been making sure they are really clean.

    It was a YouTube tutorial that threw me that way as it was done by one of the "gurus" and she was washing large amounts of MAC brushes so I guessed that if it was good enough for her – it was good enough for me!

    My daughter often uses my Real Techniques ones too and we both use different colours so (shh, please don't tell), I am getting her some later this week.

    Fi xoxox

  • Reply Paige at

    Brilliant tips, i've defiantly started cleaning my brushes more often now im really concious of having break outs if i dont! Great post x

  • Reply Inês at

    Very nice post! I clean mine with hand soap and water 🙂

    xo, Inês

  • Reply Katarina at

    Har slet ikke tænkt på at man skulle vaske sine børster, men det må jeg da lige får gjort.
    Har en konkurrence kørende på min blog, måske du har lyst til at tjekke den ud?

    Mange hilsner Katarina

  • Reply Heather at

    Great post 🙂 x

  • Reply LeaLea Ho at

    I use shampoo too… but really need to get in a habit of cleaning them more often!


  • Reply Natalie Kay at

    We clean our brushes the same way! I use shampoo too but for really tough brushes I use a soap bar as that really budges the oils! Great post love!

    Discoveries Of Self

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