Bath Review // Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner

Hi girlies! May I just say that this feels really really weird! I have had to take some time of from blogging as my brain wouldn’t function and I couldn’t concentrate and I didn’t want to put up a post just to put up at post as it would probably feel forced and suck. But now I am back! I have tons of ideas for posts and feel motivated to start blogging again. I love it and I love spending time reading and writing blog posts – It is my favourite hoppy – ever
Good – let’s get going with today’s post. I have a review for you, and it is an exciting one. First of all I have to confess something to you. I DO NOT like to moisturise my body, I do it because it is necessary for my skin as it’s very dry especially my leggies but I am not a fan of it. So when I heard that Nivea had come out with a solution to my problem, I jumped on my bike and pedaled faster than you can say silky-smooth-bodaay and got my mitts in one. 
This blue bottle of goodnes have saved me time and irritated times. It gives me soft and nice looking skin. It is perfect and this bottle is not going to be my last. There are some downsides to it, though. It builds up on your hands when you have applied it to your body which is a little annoying but it is not a deal breaker for me, I just take a bit of one of my scrubs and scrub it off. The other downside is that, I don’t know about you guys, but I am not a big fan off the Nivea smell. So once or twice a week I do apply some other moisturiser with a nice scent 🙂 
The product is a conditioner for your body, easy to apply and easy to work into your shower routine. This one is for dry skin but they also made one for normal skin. I apply this when I have conditioner in my hair. I don’t let it sit for long, I just rinse it off when I am done applying it then I get out of the shower, dry myself with a towel and I am good to go – with some clothes on of course.

Have you tried the Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner? 
Do let me know in the comments what you thought about it. Also let me know if there is another brand coming out with something like it, would love to try it out. 
Thanks so much for reading, it is good to be back! <3
Lot of love 
Marie-Louise x
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  • Reply Rebecca Derbyshire at

    It's great to see that you are back and blogging again, I've missed reading your posts! Sometimes it's good to take a break though and get your head in the right space or find inspiration to get your blog back to where you want it to be 🙂 I hate moisturising too, I just find it time consuming and only ever do it once a week when I'm having a pamper night haha so this product looks great for lazy girls like me! xx

  • Reply Mia at

    Åh, jeg er vild med denne creme! Troede ikke i mine egne øre og øjne da jeg først hørte om den – Men den har fast plads i min brusekabine. <3

    Knus Mia,

  • Reply Photo-Jenn-ic at

    I didn't totally love this stuff, I think it was the scent that put me off. I'm hoping another brand will do their own version and I might like it a bit more as it's a great idea!

  • Reply Hayley at

    I'm actually posting a review of this today and honestly I'm struggling to find nice things to say about it but I still like it. Is that weird? Also agree the nivea smell is a pain.

    Water Painted Dreams

  • Reply Lucy at

    I absolutely love the Nivea in shower moisturiser. It's become my must have shower product!

    ox Lucy

  • Reply Zoe at

    oh, moisturising my body is such a chore but I'm always glad when I do it x

  • Reply Eve G at

    Love this one too. The blue not the white bottle. Addicted. <3

  • Reply Maisy Meow at

    I've wanted to try this for a while, I actually love the Nivea smell! Welcomme back to blogging 🙂


  • Reply Michelle Louise Pan at

    I really struggled with this product, I found it left my skin drier than usual without moisturising actually. Ah well! X

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