Weight Loss Wednesday // You need to start somewhere

Howdy lovelies! This post is getting up a little late, but better late than never – right? 🙂 As I wrote in my last post, I am beginning to change my lifestyle and hopefully loose some (read a lot) of weight. I really want to share it with you both to hold myself accountable but also because of the positive response I got from twitter when I asked if you would be interested! I actually just came home from a Thai-bo class, don’t know if I like it yet so I am pumped to write this post! 🙂

This is the first post in this monthly – maybe every other week – post. This one is just an introduction so I’m not going to go into details, as I would like some suggestions on what you would like me to write about for these posts. I wasn’t thinking it would be Dear Diary-like, I was thinking more beauty related. It could be What’s In My Gym Bag, food I eat which also effect the skin, hair etc., tips and tricks, fave fitness youtube videos and posts like that. Some of the posts are going to be personal and Dear Diary-like with updates on how it this goes – hopefully it is going to go good and positive! But I really want to maintain a beauty related blogger 🙂

Please do leave me some suggestions in the comments on what you would like to read about 🙂 

This was a sweet and short post but just wanted to get this series started, next WLW (Weight loss Wednesday) will be more informative, fun and hopefully weight lossyyy 🙂

Now I will get back to #bbloggers chat on twitter – love it! Especially Wednesdays chat! 

Happy Wednesday and thanks so much for reading!

Lot of love

Marie-Louise x

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  • Reply Susanne at

    can't wait to hear more from you, the topics of healthy lifestyle and fitness are some of my favourites to read about!

  • Reply Carly Rowena at

    Great Post! Thank you for tweeting us about it! xx

  • Reply Ashleigh Fell at

    I'm also using my blog as a guilty trip to loose weight, I'm hoping by publishing my weight and progress it will shame me into sticking to it!

    Ashleigh x

  • Reply Brigitte Honeybee at

    good luck! i need to start my fitness regime like.. yesterday!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

    don't forget to enter my Real Techniques giveaway here

  • Reply Adela at

    Love your pink trainers. I need to get back to exercising. I've become a bit unfit..
    Adela x

  • Reply August Art at

    Reading this has motivated me to get back to my gym routine
    Starting tomorrow
    Blogging about it will probably help keep me on track!

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