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Hi you! How’s your week been? I have had some days of from school and from everything which has really helped my mood for the better. I have also done some Feng Shui and clearing out in my so called apartment. There is just something about clearing out and Feng Shui-ing! Ahh, love it! 

Enough with the ramble and on to today’s post. Today I wanted to do a little ‘Share the love’-post but with a fitness/weight loss twist. If there is one thing that helps me through and keeps me motivated it is weight loss stories, quotes and youtubers and blogs. So today I wanted to share my favourites at the moment. Some of them are not only weight loss/fitness themed but they still help me out. If I, by sharing these, help one of you – then I will be over the moon with happiness. 

The Lean Machines are not only easy on the eyes but they are also personal trainers. They have a wide variation of videos as they have their Midweek Motivation, How To’s, food videos, funny-vlogs etc. Video through video they always seem to get me to understand why, what and how – and if they can get me to understand it you should not have a problem understanding it either 😉 They way they explain it, is spelled out so everyone is going to get it. 

Through The Lean Machines I found Leon’s girlfriend Carly Rowena. She is fit fit FIT. Carly helps the girlies out and she is damn good at it. She has a girly wit and talks to the camera like she is talking to you – her best friend. I love the way she talks about boobs and butts like it is nobody’s business! She is a fit girly-girl who want everyone to look good naked

The last youtubers I wanted to share with you is the girly duo – Tone It Up. I have followed these girls in what feels like ages. I love how they interact with the community on social media’s and I have both their meal plan and their Beach Babe 1 DVD with loads of workouts. They are bubbly, loving life and it rubs of on you 🙂 

For blogs I love Fitspoblog which is by a Danish girl written in English. Her blog has a lovely mix of beauty, fitness and food. For you Danish girls out there here is two lovely health blogs – Getfitinspirationdk and Fitsporationdk. The first one is written by a girl who is in the middle of a weight loss – I find it so interesting to follow her journey. 

These were just some of my fitness/health-loves if I was to share everyone in one post – this would turn into a damn looong post. I might do one more of these, maybe featuring some instagram loves too – I have LOADS of those 🙂 

Hope you liked this post and found it useful! Please let me know in the comments if you have some youtubers, blogs og instagram I should follow! Would LOVE to find more 

Thanks so much for reading!

Loads of love
Marie-Louise x

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    I follow and watch all those guys! I especially love Carly. If you want some good exercises AND delicious eye candy then check out Brett Cap on youtube. He gives amazing tips as well – what's not to love!

    Great detailed post 🙂


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    HEY, that's me <333
    TAK <3

    //Camilla Christine ♥ ♥

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