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(Skin Doctors Ingrow Go – £10.95/DKK 96,50)
Hi gorgeous! So just to warn you a bit this post is going to be about shaving and the subsequent effects – and no it is not only leg-shaving we are talking about.

A girl needs to shave and/or wax and that can sometimes leave razor bumps and ingrown hair which can be incredible painful and itchy – I should know. So when I saw a review over on In The Frow about this product, I just needed to give it ago. I bought mine on Feel Unique and the description on how it works is very informative, so here you go: 

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go contains potent ingredients that have a two-way action. Firstly, it cleans out and purifies the affected pore. Next, the exfoliating action goes to work, sloughing away the dry dead skin and releasing the trapped hair. Skin is left clean, clear and silky smooth. And this is exactly how it works. 

I use this little miracle worker on my armpits, in the bikini line and between my brows after a wax. The place I have to use this the most on is in the bikini line as I tend to get a lot of razor bumps and ingrown hair after shaving and this is very painful and itchy – Maybe this is TMI but you can’t say I didn’t warn you. I don’t no if you have the same problem but if you do this is a fast worker. It is suppose to work within 24 hours which is actually true – you will definitely be able to see improvement after 24 hours but totally gone? No. That will take a bit more time, depending on how affected the area is.

This works for both shaving and waxing – I use it for both. I get my brows waxed every month as they grow like a mother******, and my skin gets a bit irritated afterwards, so I simply moisten a cotton bud with Ingrow Go and apply to the affected area – in this case between brows and bikini line. You have to use this like a treatment and use it every morning and night for several days prior to waxing or shaving – and pling plang pling *Cue Tinkerbell sound* the affected area is clean and clear. 

One thing you need to know though, is that is smells really medical and strong – but in a good way. It smells like it is going to work, if that makes sense? And oh, I like the price too. 

Do you have the same problem as me? Do you use something to get rid of it? Yes, what? 🙂

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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  • Reply CharlotteHavs at

    I don't have the same problem as you (thank god haha) but this sounds very promising 🙂


  • Reply peachpowxo at

    I have exactly the same problem and I'm not embarrassed to share that with you :p Recently for some reason I get a few ingrowing hairs on my legs, I'm not sure if this is down to switching from shaving to epilating but they are seriously painful!
    A lovely review, I will definitely have to try!

    Peach Pow XO

  • Reply Stine at

    Ej det må jeg prøve! 😀 <3

  • Reply Kassie Barker Jones at

    I NEED this product, nothing more annoying than ingrowing hairs! They're such a pain so to find a product which works at getitng rid of them – heaven! i loved your blog, your photography is great as if your writing! I followed on bloglovin' and I am so excited about more posts! eeee!

    Kassie xo

  • Reply beautyqueenuk at

    I am so thankful this has never been a problem for me, but I am glad to see it works x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  • Reply Shannon Wilson at

    I have exactly the same problem as you. They can become so painful and annoying and despite exfoliating the skin, they come back time and time again. Raspberrykiss xo

  • Reply Your Beauty Fix at

    this looks pretty neat!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

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