Perfect Nails // Chanel Rouge Noir

I have to say, I’m a sucker for nail polish, I’ve always been! I just love colours and how creative you can get with the polishes – especially with all the new trends. I want to introduce you to my first CHANEL love. I bought this 6 years ago – I think. You can totally see how worn and damaged the bottle is, a well used polish. I was working as a dishwasher – I blame that on how my hands looks now, excuse that. One day I went to lunch with a coworker and she had this on. When I saw this colour I knew I had to get my mitts in it, no matter how much it was! 

This was the very first time I went to the CHANEL counter – and oh my, I fell in love. It’s the most expensive nail polish I’ve ever bought but it is the best darn ££ I’ve ever spent. I’ve used this varnish autumn after autumn and I will never get tired of it – it’s just beautiful! CHANEL Rouge Noir Nail Varnish is a deep burgundy colour. Perfect for the autumn and winter season and perfect year after year – amazingly my polish isn’t totally empty but it’s getting there, unfortuneately. 
After entering the youtube and blogging world, I’ve always heard negative things about CHANEL’s polishes, as I didn’t know that at the time I just went with it and expected it to be good – hey it’s a £20 polish it has to be. I would have to say it works fine for me, though there’s nothing overly amazing about it – other than the colour, of course! 2 coats does the job and it will stay put for about 2-3 days before it starts to chip – maybe it will stay put for longer if you have a out-of-this-world topcoat *cough cough need the Seche Vite one* but 2-3 days is fine for me. I will be changing colour about that time anyways. 

All in all a perfect autumnal polish that I’ll definitely be repurchasing. Also way to go CHANEL it hasn’t dried out after 6 years! *wup wup*
Have you tried any CHANEL polishes? What is your perfect autumnal polish? 

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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  • Reply maskedmindseg at

    And then, you have people claiming that Revlon's dry fast nailpolish is awesome.. bought one and a week later, it was already too dry to apply it properly and it was making bubbles and chipping when drying… LOL.

    I might buy a Chanel nailpolish, either a classic red or white, I'll see! Though, I really like the color of yours.

    The only thing I have to say is that you should be cleaning your cuticles before taking a picture. If you don't already know thing "cheat": use a Q-Tip and apply olive oil or vaseline all around your nails, on the cuticles. Then, when you'll be done with painting your nails, you just use rubbing alcohol and whipe the cuticles (or you can use nailpolish remover, but you have to be more careful to not remove any nailpolish). Be careful though, if Olive oil of vaseline goes on your nail, the nailpolish will go away!

  • Reply Dunja at

    Tried it, and not so amazed by its quality, but yes, they have amazing colors! This one is perfect! 🙂

    Would you like to follow each other maybe? 🙂

  • Reply Nuala Maria at

    This is such a pretty colour! I've never tried any Chanel nail polish, very jealous xxx

  • Reply Photo-Jenn-ic at

    oh it's such a lovely colour! I'm yet to own anything by Chanel -maybe I'll be treated for my birthday next month! Fingers crossed!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  • Reply Hollie at

    That's a very pretty color! Your cuticles look fine by the way(:

  • Reply Nicole at

    Beautiful color! I'm also a sucker for nail polish. I haven't tried any Chanel ones though!

  • Reply Kassie Barker Jones at

    lovely colour, so perfect for autumn!

    Kassie –

  • Reply Laura Hyatt at

    Such a pretty colour. I think I might even be able to get away with this at work 🙂 x
    Heroine In Heels

  • Reply Forever Miss Vanity at

    Such a beautiful Chanel nail polish. I really need to invest in more Chanel nail polishes, I'm mad about their lipsticks though!


  • Reply Gemma at

    Oh wow!! What a beautiful shade. I don't own any high end polishes like this! I'd really love to though xx

  • Reply Ebony J at

    I love this color and I would totally rock it for the winter and fall (:

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