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I’ve actually been a good girl and been up to date with reading blogs lately. I love reading blogs but sometimes I just need the 25th! I always get inspiration for what to buy and for what not to buy. The problem with reading loads of blogs is that most bloggers are such enablers and I usually fall in love with positive reviews – but who doesn’t!?

I felt like making a little wish list, I love to create them, do the research and share the things with you. But I wanted to do a wish list with a twist today as I really like finding new blogs with awesome posts and reviews. Aaaand I really really like to discover new brands and products – which I OF COURSE need in my life. 

Therefore I wanted to share 4 different products and 4 lovely blogs with you. 
The first bits aren’t exactly all skin care bits but I just wanted to share this whole bundle with you. Organic Surge is a brand I wasn’t familiar with before reading Gemma’s post. And might I just say that I need to get my mitts in that bundle. She captures me with the way she describes the products in such details, that you can’t go wrong buying one of her positive reviews.

Now to the products. The Organic Surge Blogger Bundle is a mix of shower, creams and a hair mask. Everything from Organic Surge is free from parabens, synthetic colours & fragrances, mineral oil and other nasties. Which was what sold me on the brand! The Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel contains Mint and Citrus *as the name nicely hints* which is perfect for me – who wouldn’t want to smell like a delicious Mojitoooo!? Their Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Mask is a product she has already raved about and is a mask for dull, dry or frizzy hair! With my coloured and bit curly hair this mask sounds amazing + I love that the Coconut Oil Scent lingers – love me some coconut! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect hand cream and the Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream sounds smooth-ly amazing. Lastly for this bundle is the  Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser which is described as a lightweight moisturiser and this had me hooked – I don’t like thick moisturisers on my face. The best part of the bundle is the price! Only £20.95 for the whole bundle! If some of this sounds right up your street, you need to take a peek at the full indept review here and why not follow her for more great reviews!
Every blogger, none-blogger and their mother have heard about this serum! I haven’t tried any serums – yes I know, shame on me. But since Autumn is obviously here and winter and even colder weather is coming, my face needs some more moisture. Dolled Up London is a blog I enjoy reading and check up on everytime a new post appears. Nuria is just such a lovable blogger who works a Benefit – that lucky lucky lady! She has both showed this bottle of wonders in a haul and a tag and in both posts she mentions that she already sees improvement! Give it to meeee. You need to stop by the blog and see her lovely posts about everything beauty here.

LUSH Cosmetics Buffy Shower Scrub – Little Miss Average

So when I read this review, this product made it on my wish list immediately! I’ve only tried LUSH’s lipscrub but I need to check more stuff out! Megan totally sold me on this scrub. I love scrubs and the feeling afterwards – you feel so clean and smooth! LUSH Cosmetics Buffy Shower Scrub is a chunky bar packed with coca and sheabutter which will leave the skin with a smooth feeling – the ground rice, almonds and beans exfoliates. You will not need to moisturise your body afterwards – bam, Im sold! If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know I hate moisturising. She reviews this product with her southern charm as she does with all of her posts! Her blog has come a long way in no time and I see why – I remember just a couple of months back when I was her 100th follower and now she has over 700. Well done, lovely! If you want to be Southern Charmed by Little Miss Average you need to stop by here
I think that every UK blogger have been reviewing products by Una Brennan especially the Super Facialst Tea Flower Deep Clean Clay Mask and it kills me that you can’t get a hold of it online! If any of you know a place (international) where you can get it, PLEASE let me know in the comments. Emmy describes the mask as light on the skin, which I like the sound of and unlike most other clay masks it doesn’t leave your skin feel dry. She also reviewed the Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil sounds amazing too and I really need to get my mitts in some of these products. Life by Emmy is a blog I just recently started following but I’m already loving her posts and her easy writing. She writes about everything – fashion, beauty, travels – if you fancy peeking at her blog here’s her link.

So this was my kind of long wish list with a twist! If you liked it, please let me know as I’m already working on the next one. 

Do you any of these products on your wish list? & do you follow these blogs? If not go do it via the links (do tell them that I sent you 😉 )

Lots of Love
Marie-Louise x
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  • Reply Jenny at

    Such amazing selection here I love buffy its the only scrub I use it does the job but also leaves your skin silky smooth and so much moisture 🙂 x
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    Thank you soooo much for featuring my Organic Surge post and photo! I love their products so much, they're pretty fab xx

    Gemma //

  • Reply Sarah-Jane Dale at

    I have been wanting to try the Organic Surge things for a while now, they are most defiantly on my wish list now! I have all those bloggers up now ready to read and give them a follow 🙂


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    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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    Super great post. Very inspiring 😀

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    That's a great idea to incorporate a wish list with a bit of blog love 🙂

    Ria x

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