Review // Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub

A little story behind how I know about Michael Todd True Organics. I first saw it on Rachel Talbott’s channel a year ago – I believe. I really trust her opinion about skin care as she has experience from the ‘real world’. I went to MTTO website to see their products and I really started to lust lust lust! Their products are not too bad in the prize range so even a poor student like myself can afford it. When I started seeing the brand I was in the middle of Shanghai, China studying so I quickly ‘forgot’ about the brand until I got home. By then I had started seeing lots of other youtubers talking about the brand – Fleur (Who enabled one purchase from MTTO), Ingrid and I believe Tati started too. Wow – lots of enablers! And this goes to show that sponsored post/videos really help – I wouldn’t have known about the brand otherwise and I love it!

OK enough about that and now to the review. Michael Todd True Organics are made with only organic ingredients, no added nasties and no animal testing! And their shipment are free from import duty -yay! I ordered a product from Michael Todd True Organics in August, I think. I actually just wanted the Green Blue Algae Toner – due to Fleur – but they had a offer at that moment so I got this full size Michael Todd True Organics Grapefruit Polishing Scrub and a big sample of the Pumpkin Mask. All of this for only the toners price and shipment! What!?

The scrub is a body cleanser exfoliater that removes dead skin cells and stimulates production of fresh skin. It exfoliates beautifully and makes my skin feel soft and cleansed. 
Now, imagine that you’re on a beach in the middle of the Christmas season, add a bit of oil to moisture your body + everything Christmas scent-y and here you have the Michael Todd True Organics Walnut Grapefruit Polishing Scrub! The aloe and lavender give a calming affect on the skin where the scrubbing bits which is the walnut and oats feels like small grains of sand and this makes the scrub very pleasing to use. I use this every other time I shower and I’m looking forward to that shower every time. The delicious scent lingers a bit but enough – as I can’t get enough of the scent. 

I have had some trouble with breakouts and small bumps on my upper arms and the back of my thighs and this scrub has really helped to reduce them – and some are totally gone! The only downside to this product is the packaging as it’s superb difficult to get the product out without squeezing it, tap it beat it on the floor and try to squeez again. Buuuuut I just took a peek at their site and they have changed the packaging so the have been listening to their costumers – hopefully this packaging will be much better 🙂 
All in all, it’s smells heavenly of Christmas and Christmas is my favourite time of the year! Go get your mitts in this Christmassy, all year scrub. 

Have you tried anything from MTTO? & What is your favourite body scrub? 

Lots of Love
Marie-Louise xx

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