I won my first Urban Decay Lipstick!

I was lucky enough to win a gorgeous giveaway a week or two ago. The giveaway was held by the lovely Rebecca from Ohkalukalay – go take a peek at her lovely blog! Right from the start I had my eyes set on prize – I really wanted to win as this would be my first ‘real’ Urban Decay product! Wait, whhaaat!? 

I was a frequent-twitter-bunny and tweeted away. So when I got the news, I was kind of freaking out! This totally made my week – more like year! Now the time had come for me to pick a colour, which was the hardest decision EVER! I googled for swatches. Originally I had eyed F-Bomb and Catfight but when I then came to think.. I have lots of lipsticks like F-Bomb and Streak looked so gorgeous and I had nothing like it in my collection, so I  just had to have it. I will do a review on the lipstick – but as far as I know a the moment, I need to get my hands in one.. maybe two or three? more. Catfight is still on the top of my list.

Well this Friday I got a parcel and I was sooo curious on what, when and who it was from, so I ripped the outside paper like a child who just got her first Christmas present – you could tell I was excited! And as I came closer and closer to the ‘real’ packaging I saw this gorgeous present – it’s a beaut! 

Inside the present was a handwritten card from Rebecca wishing me congrats on winning – beautiful handwriting lovely! Then I saw the chocolate! This Christmassy beaut of a chocolate (it’s gone now and tasted delish) And then.. Then I saw the lipstick! I ripped the packaging *gently this time* and then I saw a beaut of a lipstick. At first I was worried about how pink it was, but on the lips it’s a perfect pinky-coral!

Thank you so much for this lovely present! Your next giveaway winners have something good in store as this was so personal and it made my day <3 

Have you tried any of the Revolution Lipsticks from Urban Decay? Yes, which colour then?

Lots of love

Marie-Louise xx

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