Review // Skin Food Black Bean Nose Pack

(Pack of 7; £5, 199.000 VND & 50DDK)

Hi you lovely bunch! I hope you had a great weekend? Mine was a really fun as it was two of the girls’ birthday! So we relaxed Friday and Saturday night we went out for delicious food (aka Jaspas in Ho Chi Minh!) and clubbing! I actually did one of the girls’ make-up – it will be up soon! 

Today I have a review for you from a new brand love of mine. 

A new love
Skin Foodisn’t a brand that I’ve ever heard of but something about the design of the store and the gorgeous yet sweet design on the bottles, jars, pumps – yeah basically everything – drew me to the brand. The need for a new body lotion etc. also helped the search – what can I say? I love testing! 

Yes I’m a sucker for cute packaging but Skin Food is not all about cute packaging. This South Korean brand is the first food cosmetics brand developed with a new and unique concept of food and with the motto “Good food for health is also good for the skin” what’s not to like!? I fallen for the brand – watch this space for a haul!

I been wanting to try something that will remove my blackheads – I’m a shamed to say it but I had disgustingly lots of them (warning: you’ll be able to see it on the pictures). I’ve always had problems with blackheads, they never seem to leave my nose – dang it! But I think I found the perfect product; Skin Food Black Bean Nose Pack (Reduce Black Heads).

Now, I haven’t tried that many other options so I can’t compare it with other solutions or products but this really works for me. I tested it with the two girls I live with and they saw a difference too, so it’s not just me 😉 
So, how does it work, you ask!?
After cleansing, wet the nose area – as in REALLY wet the nose area. Then remove the clean film on the sheet with dry hands and apply the smooth side onto the nose – now wait on til it dries, which is about 10-15 minutes. When dry, peel it of and wash it with water and toner. For toner, I used my Michael Todd True Organics one. 

All in all; this is definitely a product that I’ll buy again – might already have! Skin Food suggest using it once or twice a week for a smooth nose – hopefully mine will get smoother soon. I love it! 
Have you heard of the brand? If so, have you tried anything?

Lots of love – from Vietnam

Marie-Louise <3 

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