Let’s just this post with; “I don’t know what happened?” I have kind of fallen for a new skin care brand – Skin Food! Love the name, love the packaging, love the brand. 

Since being here in Vietnam, I have shopped a bit ( Ahem .. a lot) and I have tried some new brands. Skin Food is one of those brands that I really really like so I needed to try out some more products – besides the Skin Food Black Bean Nose Pack (Reduce Black Heads) which you can find a review of here. This post is going to be a show-off *slash* mini reviews! Let’s get going:
The first product I picked up was the 50 % Shea Butter Body Emulsion. First of all; how nice is the packaging! Oh my. The product is basically just a body moituriser that contains shea butter. I like this moituriser – a lot – and I think I would like it even more, if I where at home and not in this heat! It has a thinner consistensy which I quite like but in this Vietnam heat, it’s like it’s melting off if I apply it when I’m not in the aircon. In aircon, it’s working fine for me, so I have a feeling that it will be great at home. Though I like it, I have found something better! Watch this space. 

Next is the Honey & Shea Butter Hand Cream – Yes, I have a thing for Shea butter products, okay? This is a lovely hand cream. Loved it at first, stilly really like it but it’s not fabules. I have a hard time finding hand creams as I’m quite picky. 

My favourite lip balm got lost somewhere in all of my travelling, so I had to get a new one. So whilst I was in the Skin Food store I upped for – oh wait for it….. The Shea Butter Lip Care Bar in Milk. Yup, more shea butter for me! This is actually a really lovely lip balm. Again I usually have a hard time finding new lip balms but this one is good. You can feel it working to moisten the lips, and I like that. The taste is nice and nutty. 

The last couple of items are: The Black Sugar Sheet Mask, it’s a sheet mask do I need to say more? I love sheet masks and this is nice. I also needed nail polish remover, so I went for the Grapefruit Nail Polish Remover. This is the only product I didn’t get along with – it has been thrown out now. I haven’t tried the Eyelashes in Daily 3 but they look cool! 

Did you know about Skinn Food? Have you tried any of their products? 

I’ll have a new Vietnam Travels Post up for you soon – this will feature a lot of beach, sand and pool pictures, so stay tuned! 

Have a lovely day, guys!

Lots of Love

Marie-Louise xx

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