Birthday Wish List // The one with ..

Wish List: The one with .. no beauty bits!
Happy Friday, y’all! Wow where did that come from .. y’all!? I’m in a relaxing, happy Friday mood today. Tonight I’m going out for dinner and to the cinema with the girls I’m travelling with – we’re going to watch 22 Jump Street and I’m SO excited! Tomorrow, we’re celebrating my birthday with home cooked dinner, drinks, karaoke (as you do in Vietnam) and dancing – of cause! 

My birthday is coming up next week, so I wanted to make a little wish list – which ended in me doing two instead. One with no beauty bits, and a beauty one. I could come up with more things but these are the in the top of my wishes! 

On the top TOP of my list is a camera! I don’t have a particular one in mind – so do leave me some suggestions, please! I’ve been asking a bit on twitter (psst mlhauken) and people have been very nice and helping me to find the perfect one! Thank you. I would love one that takes lovely pictures but also film really well. Some studio lights are also on the list for the pictures I will be taking with the new camera. Wish wish wish!  

Another item that on the top TOP is a juicer! I’ve been drinking so many juices here in Vietnam and I’m addicted and need at juicer at home. That’s it, do I need to say more? 

The last couple of bits are some books; The Fault In Our Stars and all of the I Heart.. books, please! I’m also in need of a diary and I was browsing around and found this beaut of a diary – simple yet beautiful! Whilst I was looking on the Zara Home page I found some bedding – some beautiful bedding. I always seem to wish for bedding for my birthday and this time I fell for this Zara Home one! 

Do you have any camera suggestions? Have you read some of the books?
Do let me know in the comments <3

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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