Curly Curls // Redken Curvaceous Curl Dive

180 ml, £29
Do you have natural curls? And have you straighten your too much and are having difficulties getting the curls back? Look no further Redken Curvaceous Curl Dive has come to your rescue! Yes, I am aware that this sounds just like a sales pitch which it kinda of is but then not.

I have a lot of hair, a lot of thick to normal hair, non coloured (at the moment) with natural curls. Coloured hair and curls tend to need a lot of moisture – I need to apply oil to my hair everyday otherwise it will get dry. Crunch, crunch

Due to a straight hair trend, I straighten my hair a little too much and I now have difficulties getting my natural curls back. I miss my curls! So when I saw a review of this, I knew that I had to try it myself. It is my first Redken product, I think, and I am very impressed. I plan to try other products from the Curvaceous range – do let me know if you have any recommendations? 

Now to the review of this gorgeous hair mask. The best thing about this hair mask is its consistency! It is very thick and buttery consistency – just the way I like my hair masks! It has a lovely but very subtle nutty scent. And now that I’m sat hair smelling my hair I find hat the scent does not linger which I like! I have one dislike though – why the H are hair masks almost always in a pot? It’s so annoying. Water is everywhere in the shower – doh! And it is everywhere in my pot of hair mask. 

I use this hair mask once a week. I usually use it after I have used my loved deep cleansing shampoo (do let me know if you want a review). I find that that shampoo strips the hair and makes it ready to be dosed with moisture from the hair mask. I let it do its job between 5-15 minutes – depending on how long my shower is that day. WOLA, but long lost curls are starting to come back to life! 

– A hair mask for you if you either have very dry hair or/and curls that you want to bring back to life
– I really think that I will always have this in stock! I know that you can buy it at different hairdressers but take a look online too – you might find some great offers! 

Hope you liked this review – do remember to let me know if you have any recommendations within the same range or a totally different brand <3

Lot of love

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  • Reply Hayley- Eszti at

    I love a good hair mask, and my hair really needs one on it once a week. I have natural curls, this sounds so lovely! Jotted down on my little 'products to buy' list!


  • Reply Gemma Magpie at

    Ooh this sounds so lovely, and I really do love Redken as a brand xx

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    This is SO good! Get it girl 🙂

  • Reply Mlhauken at

    I need to try more Redken! 🙂


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