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12166285_10206356675649339_91802493_nDANS12166673_10206356675609338_455616158_nJacket; Gina Tricot (old, similar here), T-shirt; ONLY (old, similar here), Jeans; Gina Tricot (here), Boots; Deichmann (old, similar here) Sunnies; Charles & Keith (here)

.. So please bear with me. 

I’ve been away from blogging but I’m back, and I’m here to stay. I don’t wanna go in to too much detail, all you need to know is that I really miss blogging and the whole community – I feel motivated.

So this post is very unusual to what I usually post but I really want to get into the whole fashion posts, OOTD and such. I’m very into fashion, always have been – I actually graduated as buyer from a fashion school earlier this year.

I’m not very confident when it comes to fashion taste and knowledge but this is going to change now! I think these posts will help me figure out who I am fashion-wise and make me more confident with myself and my body. As for why now? The whole inspiration to get into these kind of posts is all down to gorgeous plus size models and the beautiful Hannah! I recently discovered her but she’s rapitly become one of my fave bloggers.

I think I’m going to sign out for now. Thank you for reading <3 It really means a lot!

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

PS. I’m VERY awkward and weird at heart so my OOTD’s will probably not be the typical gorgeous poses 😉

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I’m sick today – bwah! But this morning the doorbell rang – uh oh! What could it be? Yes, you’ve already seen the photos above AND the title. The postman aka Santa came with these beauts from Deichmann. My very first Chelsea Boots – with a twist. 

I saw them in the store before a coffee date and it was love a first sight. I tried them on and they had to be mine but the pair I tried was the one that everyone had tried on and you could see that they had been on display. So I ordered them the minute I came home – now they are mine!

What do you think? Are they pretty or are they pretty?

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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London Fashion week is happening. Gosh I would love to be there! I really want to do more fashion posts – hopefully there will be more outfits of the day in the future. Fingers crossed. Today though, I wanted to share a wished outfit! are looking for the next trendsetters – so if there are any Danish bloggers reading this, click the link and enter too. To get to the semifinals I need your help, please. Go to this link and vote on my picture and I will love you more! Thank you <3

I am a total lip junkie – there I said it. So I wanted to base this outfit around a beautiful bright orange lip! In this case I would love to own one of these 3 picks. Fortunately I already own the gorgeous MAC Morange. Hopefully it will be featured in a future OOTD post. 

I love me a bit of blue – both pastel and bright. Therefore I cooperated both in this outfit. It is no secret – I LOVE MINT – and this beaut of a cardigan is actually mine and is from Gina Tricot. I really wanted to have this as a main piece. The bright blue boots locks in the bright orange lips. Just look at them – wow. 

Lastly – I really love the fringe trend! It is so fun and cowboy-esk. I don’t know if I would be able to rock the backpack trend but I kind of like these two trend combined. 

How would you incorporate colour into your wardrobe for the AW14 season?

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx
Jeg konkurrerer i Trendsetter Search på 
Shop the look:

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Steep or Steal // Skater Skirt & Dark Lips

Steep or Steal // Skater Skirt & Dark Lips
(Click on the picture to see the exact prices)

OK I was really inspired by one of my best friends with this outfit! She wore a skater skirt with a pink knitted jumper this Sunday and dang I wanted that skirt. So I thought I would show you how I would style it with dark lips and nails for this season! I’m kind of in love with ankle booties paired with frilly ankle socks, aren’t they cute? To keep warm; I love a pale pink knitted jumper – especially with a dark lip. All of this paired with lots of shopping bags in one hand and in the other hand is a Starbucks hot chocolate with added mint – of course!

Which outfit would you go for – the steep or the steal? How would you style a skater skirt? 
Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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What’s in my bag // School Edition

Hi girlies! How are you this Sunday? I am sat her by the computer, watching (listening) to I am number 4 – Dang! Alex Pettyfer is easy on the eyes – and a bit hungover from last night fun! 🙂 Whilst sat here I thought it would be the perfect time to show you what is in my school bag. 

My bag is my new love, I just got it this month and we are already head over heels. It is the Zara Office City Bag. This is quite a blogger bag and I kept seeing it both in the blogger scene but also on youtube. One of the reviews I saw that made me buy it was from the ever so gorgeous Viviannadoesmakeup she is such an enabler without even knowing it 😉 Another youtuber and blogger that has just done a video about the bag is Katie from Sugarfixbeauty – love her videos. I love that the bag has room and protection for my computer which was one the reasons why I had to have it. It has loads of different compartments so it is really perfect for school or as an office bag – off course. 

There are 3 big compartments, I use one for my computer, one for my lunch and my water bottle which is from Eva Trio and is BPA free and one for everything else. In one of the zipped compartments, I bring a magazine, if I just happen to feel like reading a magazine, sadly the interwebs wins 99.9 % of the time. This one is a Danish fitness one, I thought it would keep me motivated with my weight loss journey which you can follow here but then again, instagram is also really great for some motivation!

Beauty-vise, I seem to find loads of lippy products. As I don’t really wear face makeup on a daily basis I don’t need powder etc. to freshen up. These gorgeous lippy gems are some I use basically everyday at the moment. The chubby stick is my first Clinique product and I am definitely not disappointed. The Clinique Chubby Sticks are as good as everyone say they are. My chubby stick is the colour in Roomiest Rose, such a cute and cosy name btw, and such a lovely wearable colour! The little green thingy is my all time favourite lip balm and is from Mentholatum (I think it is a Danish brand). Lastly but definitely not least is my Rimmel London Apocalips in Big Bang*! This has quickly become my favourite colour out of the bunch. This colour is not available here so I was so happy when Rimmel announced that I had won it on twitter 2 weeks ago. As for my hands I have my beloved Nuxe Paris Créme Mains Et Ongles Hand and Nail Cream. This comes with me everywhere and is almost empty, unfortionately it is a bit expensive so I will have to try some cheaper versions out. For my hair I always bring some hair pins and a tie, so that is what is in here too. This hair tie is ‘healthy’ for the hair and I love it. 

Lastly I always bring my planner, purse, computer cord and some pens in my Chinese purse which I bought whilst I to a semester in China. And of course my homework papers even though a lot of the reading is on my computer 🙂   

Do let me know in the comments if you want to see a review of the bag with some more detailed pictures! 

Thank you so much for reading!

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

*This product was won in a twitter giveaway.  All opinions are honest & completely my own

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Fashion // New Look Festival Fashion Timeline

Hi girlies!
We’re half way through my packing series and I wanted to do a different post – don’t worry part 4 will be up tomorrow! 

The festival season is upon us and who doesn’t love music, cider (Me and beer does not click), loads of happy people and of course the fashion. Personally I’ve never been to a festival-festival where you put up a tent, sleep 2 hours a day and is drunk all the time. But I’ve been to loads of Summer Concerts with multiple artists. 
 Fashion wise I wanted to show you this amazing Timeline New Look has created! 
The timeline takes you all the way back to 1969 where some of the first festivals showed up. You can click through the years 1969 to 2013 and take a peek at what fashion, style and music genre were on trend.

I loved going through this timeline and seeing how the fashion has developed over the years, so I wanted to share my favourite years and create some looks, from New Look’s site, that I would wear in that time period.

As you can see on the timeline, the fashion through the years has really have an impact on the fashion for 2013. In 2013 there are loads of  ‘options‘ for what you could wear, all of these options are inspired by the fashion over the years – Crazy thought!
My faves over the years are definitely 1969, 2004 and 2013. Therefore I’ve found some items and created 3 different looks for 3 different time periods.

In 1969 the hippie and the relax feeling rocked the fashion. I adore this set and I think that I would actually wear it for now too. Probably minus the bag, as I’m not the biggest fan of the fringe, but thought it was perfect for this outfit. I’m a big fan of the headband trend, though! If I had a head that it would look great on, I would wear one everyday 😉 

In 2004 the music had an impact on the fashion too. It was all about trilby hatsskinny jeans and bracelets. This outfit is more indie than bohemian but I think it’s quiet cool. Again with the hair piece, I would totally wear it if my head was the right shape. 

Now for 2013 I thought I would create a look that I would personally wear for a festival! Keep in mind, I haven’t actually attended one so I have know idea if it’s practical. But I love neon colours and lace at the moment so thought it was appropriate for my creation! 

Go and take a peek over on NEWLOOK.CO.UK and have a fun with the timeline. 

Let me know which look you like the most and if you thought I did the year justice 🙂

Hope you liked it, thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day <3


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Shopping: Spring Wedding Anniversary

On the 10th of April 1963 two very important people in my life walked down the aisle and got married. These two people are my mother’s parents and my grand parents. So, on Wednesday the 10th of April 2013 we are celebrating their love to each other and their 50th wedding anniversary! Therefore, I did a little shopping: 

I have a thing for Topshop dresses so this was one of the first places I looked. I just fell in LOVE with this beautiful orange shift dress. The colour is great for spring and summer. I think I can use this dress both as a dressy evening outfit or for a casual spring day.
The only problem is that I ordered it a bit too late, so I’m still waiting for the nice post lady to come with my parcel! Fingers crossed that it will be here tomorrow.. Nice, M-L, nice! Irony is in the air.

My sister ordered her dress on Asos, so I quickly jumped for the chance to get me some Rimmel Apocalips! I really wanted the colour called Big Bang but it was sold out, together with a lot of the other colours, so my only choices were Stella and Celestial, so that is what I got! Now, they are at my sister’s, so I haven’t seen them yet but I think that I’m going to wear Stella (The strong pink one) on Wednesday!

I needed a nude and a new black eyeliner so I wanted to try the Rimmel ones – they are suppose to be good. The belt is also from Asos.

Strong orange dress, strong pink lips, simple winged eyeliner and black pumps! This is going to be great, if I get the dress!

So, are you going to some big family events this year? Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Let me now in the comments beeelooow 😉

Have a nice night… Or day, depending on where in the World you are 🙂

Thanks for reading
Love Marie-Louise x

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