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12166285_10206356675649339_91802493_nDANS12166673_10206356675609338_455616158_nJacket; Gina Tricot (old, similar here), T-shirt; ONLY (old, similar here), Jeans; Gina Tricot (here), Boots; Deichmann (old, similar here) Sunnies; Charles & Keith (here)

.. So please bear with me. 

I’ve been away from blogging but I’m back, and I’m here to stay. I don’t wanna go in to too much detail, all you need to know is that I really miss blogging and the whole community – I feel motivated.

So this post is very unusual to what I usually post but I really want to get into the whole fashion posts, OOTD and such. I’m very into fashion, always have been – I actually graduated as buyer from a fashion school earlier this year.

I’m not very confident when it comes to fashion taste and knowledge but this is going to change now! I think these posts will help me figure out who I am fashion-wise and make me more confident with myself and my body. As for why now? The whole inspiration to get into these kind of posts is all down to gorgeous plus size models and the beautiful Hannah! I recently discovered her but she’s rapitly become one of my fave bloggers.

I think I’m going to sign out for now. Thank you for reading <3 It really means a lot!

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

PS. I’m VERY awkward and weird at heart so my OOTD’s will probably not be the typical gorgeous poses 😉

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10 NOTES FOR 2015

  • Travel and explore new places.
  • Try not to please every single person – it’s impossible.
  • Meet new people.
  • Keep in touch with old friends – and see them more. 
  • Become more comfortable with who I am.
  • Work m butt of to achieve my goals.
  • Be more positive when it comes to myself. 
  • Blog more! It’s a hobby that makes me so happy. 
  • Try to be more organised.
  • Love what you do. Do what you love!

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx

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Quick Post // Danish Readers

Hi guys! I just wanted to write a quick post to all of my Danish readers. As I want to let them know that I’ve created a Danish blog. If you clicked onto this post in hope of a new post – look no further than clicking this link. I just posted a mascara review – is it a love or hate? Take a peek <3

Hey piger! 

Jeg ved faktisk ikke hvor mange der er derude af jer, men har ville bare lige gøre jer opmærksom på, at jeg har startet en dansk version op af Little Beauty Laugh. Der kommer nogenlunde samme indlæg op og så alligevel ikke. Det ville gøre mit hjerte glad hvis I ville gå ind og følge min nye baby på bloglovin (link) eller på facebook (link) – eller evt begge 😉 

Tip tip: Regner med at smide en lille konkurrence op i slut oktober eller start november <3 

I må have en rigtig dejlig aften! 

Lots of love

Marie-Louise xx

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A Cheeky Pre B-Day Celebration

Our serious beard faces!

Happy Monday to you! This weekend was far too short for me and I’m feeling the Monday blue’s today! I had a fab weekend though, hope you had too? As you might have seen in my wish list post (here) my birthday is coming up. This year it’s on a Wednesday so I thought that I would invite the girls over this weekend so we could have fun and celebrate.

The day was really nice and totally relaxing. Mette and I spend most of the morning with fits in our mouth, shouting at the TV – yes we saw the last couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black! Wops, a season that was! Afterwards we went down to the grocery store, bought food and went home to cook it. A yummy dish is always spaghetti bologonese with loads of vegetables – quick and easy to make for a bunch of hungry girls. 

I got the nicest surprise from Mette – a beauty of a cake! And it tasted delicious too – yum yum! Luckily there are still some in the fridge! Later on, the drinking began – vodka, beer and soda was consumed, we played charades and got more and more happy .. ahem drunk …!

As it was our last night out here in Vietnam before leaving next Sunday, we wanted to go dancing and why not do that at the same club that we have been to a couple of times. The funny part was that it was the club’s birthday too. They had a huge cake, good music and waaaay too many people but we had fun dancing the night away! 

Thanks to the ladies for making it a fun night! <3

How did you spent your weekend? Any fun plans?

Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

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Giveaway // New Blog Design & Name

As you may – or may not – have noticed, I’ve gotten a new blog design! I’ve been munching with the idea for quite some time now – yes I’ve tweeted A LOT about it previously. I just needed a new back-to-blogging-refresher and a design seems to be kicker and motivator.

I got my design from Etsy after I saw Becky from Lipgloss & Lashes new design. It’s so pretty and girlie! I always need to check her blog, she’s one of my faves. Well, she got her design on etsy and I HAD to peek. I quickly found a design that I adored from the same seller – Shiny Magic. Lynsey, the seller, was easy to chat with and very helpful, do check her designs out here

After deciding on a design, I also took the plunge and did something I (also) have been munching with – I changed blog name, and I kinda really like the new name. Here’s a little explanation on the words and why. Mint; because I freaking love everything mint-y – ice cream, chocolate, my Lush lipscrub etc. Laugh; is a word that describes me pretty well. I love to have a good laugh even if it’s me that’s causing the laughing! Finally lipstick; Do I even need to explain? 

Oh well, to celebrate my new blog design, name and .. just cause, I would like to treat one of you with one of my favourite lippes at the moment + a surprise! 

All you have to do is fill out this little rafflecopter and you’re in for the chance to win some goodies. The giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and will run for 30 days! Good luck sweeties! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lots of love – from Vietnam

Marie-Louise <3 

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Hi you guys! I’ve missed you so much but I’ve had some personal stuff and I felt like blogging was more of a task rather than MY-free-time-fun. If there’s one thing I hate to notice in a blog it has to be when you can feel that the blogger is not feeling it – if you know what I mean? 🙂 Therefore I had a little break.. But I’m back and I’m excited!

// Translation
Hey hey gutinder! Jeg har været lidt fraværende fra bloggen, da jeg har haft nogle personlige ting, som jeg lige skulle overkomme inden jeg ville starte igen. Jeg følte at bloggen blev mindre og mindre mig og mere og mere bare noget jeg SKULLE midt i det hele.. Og hvis der er noget der er kedeligt ved nogle blogs så at man kan mærke at bloggeren ikke er passioneret omkring deres blog – hvis I forstår hvad jeg mener? 🙂

Så ja, derfor mit lille blogging-ophold! I’m back og glæder mig til at skrive en masse lækre indlægs til jer.

PS. Med hensyn til mine 2 lækre giveaways så har jeg valgt at lade dem køre til d. 30. Januar da de lige er kommet ind imellem det hele. Så deltag gerne her og her <3 

Lots of love

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Weight Loss Wednesday // Workout Challenges


Photo source: 1 is my own, 2 & 3&4 Carly Rowena 

I haven’t been to the gym in what feels like forever, I’m simply too tired when I come home from school – yes I know, bad excuse. The other excuse is that I’m a bit tired of seeing myself in the mirrors when I go to classes, which probably leads to the first excuse, unfortunately. I always go to back of the room and I tend to be more focused on how my body looks compared to the others and I’m constantly correcting my shirt, all in all I don’t feel like I get too much out of it and I feel uncomfortable.

So I thought that I would make the most out of my uncomfortableness and make a month-to-month work out plan. For every month I will be doing a new challenge – yep a 30 day workout challenge! The one I decided to start of with is a combination of different workouts, it’s going to be Carly Rowena’s ‘The 30 day Squat Challenge‘, as this is Carly’s version there will be squats *obviously*, 1 min plank and 10 burbees *not looking forward to those*. The only thing that will wary is the number of squats, see the picture above. I mentioned Carly in my latest WLW post here. If you want to join me so we can do this together just tweet me a little tweet

3 times a week I will hopefully start my day of with a fresh and quick morning workout – *hello, no sleep*. As there are loads of youtube channels, I’ll definitely going to find something that fits me. I also have the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD from last year. I’m going to make a little schedule and start with this tomorrow morning. The schedule will end next Wednesday where I will be looking for some new workout videos. I’m one of those who easily get bored with the same workout routine so I have to mix it up a bit! 

I wanted to ask you if you like these posts? I find them fun and motivational to write – really keeps me on track! As a little treat – I think I’ll be giving you a little update and in the next Weight Loss Wednesday post 🙂 

Would you like me to set up an instagram specifically for weight loss pictures of my progress, food, workouts and motivation? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Lots of love

PS I a month you’ll get to se my hopefully lovely new butt 😉

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