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Vietnam Travels // Paradise here we come!

Everyone at the pool! 
Oh you know, just relaxing with a coconut – as you do! 

Just one of the 100’s of my food-pictures!
 Fresh fish market in the morning! 
OK, so where did we leave things of the last time? Oh yeah! I’m going to make you a tiny bit jealoux with pictures of a little place called Long Hai Beach aka Paradise. We were recommended to go here by our Vietnamese teacher as she new it wouldn’t be packed with tourists which meant we would have the whole resort for ourselves. On the other hand this also meant that they weren’t use to tourists and did not speak or understand English that well. Que the creativity and sign language! We had fun though, we had a little coconut accident – short story, we ordered 3 and got 7. haha

We wanted to go to a beach and chil-lax before the whole school-and-the-internship-race began as that would mean ‘no more free time’! I think this post is going to be a short and sweet one, as a picture says more than words, right? 

I would definitely recommend going to Long Hai Beach, it is a little 4-hour drive but it’s worth it. It’s beautiful and the food is incredible! Incredible! I liked fish before, now I love it! Yum, yum. 

Have you been to Long Hai Beach? Are you liking these Travel posts?
Do let me know in the comments <3 

Lot of love – from Vietnam
Marie-Louise xx

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Vietnam travels // Introduction & Arriving

Hi you guyyyys! I’ve been off from blogging, then coming back and then off again. I wasn’t craving blogging so I thought that I would take a break and start again when I craved it – and the time is finally here! Yaaaay 🙂

I think that I’ll start of my new excitement for blogging with a new series – a Vietnam Travel Series. They won’t have a specific scheduled time, it will just magically pop up in your bloglovin list.

At this moment I’m actually sitting in my new apartment – for the next 2 months – in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! How crazy is that!? We’re 7 girls who are staying in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 months to study but also to do our internship. I’ve been here for about a month now and I have so much to tell! Right at this moment I live in a 3 bedroom apartment with two sweethearts from my class but more about that in one of the following posts.

The whole journey started in Flensburg, Germany with a 2½ hour train trip as our first (out of three) flight was form Hamburg – up in the air, down again, up in the skyes, down again – the whole cha-bang took about 18 hours (It’s now I tell you that I’m not the best at flying, right!?) Well, I’m getting better, getting better! Aaand finally, finally, finally we landed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🙂 The butterflies started to tickle, I felt the excitement for the next 3 months! I also felt the hot hot hot weather – and it was naayyss (Yes, today nice is spelt that way!)

 Abu Dhabi-Ho Chi Minh City: I was a little cheeky and got 3 seats for myself – sleeeeept most of the way! Except for when I watched Frozen, daah!

WARNING: Yummy food pictures will attack you!

The Calm Before Paradise
The first 2 nights we stayed in the Backpacker District – this is where most non-vietnamese people, travellers and back packers (of course) live at hostels. The hostel we stayed at was OK, nothing fancy but not the worst place. 

We arrived at about 9 pm and went up with our things, before the food-hunt began! We ordered lots of food, sharing as you do! 

After living here for about a month now I’ve learned – and tasted – that I freaking love vietnamese food. Tastyyy! 

The first whole day we went to discover a bit of the city, eat lots of tasty food and waiting. Waiting because we had a arranged to go to Long Hai Beach and just chil-laxing for a couple of days before the whole school-internship-race began! I’ll do a whole post about our trip!

Oh and by the way, vietnamese coffee is tha’ BEST!

I hope you like me coming back and getting the hang of it again. I’ve missed you and the amazing network! Please leave your tips, eating places and so on, if you have been in Ho Chi Minh City – I would love to hear from you <3

Lots of love – from vietnam 
Marie-Louise <3 

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