I just got my hands on these beauts. I have heard a bit about this line from Head & Shoulders through edifferent youtubers and I was intrigued. I want thicker and stronger hair – but everbody wants that, right? I saw them at the local supermarkedet and they where om offer – stupid not too. 

I have, actually, always had prejudices about Head & Shoulders’ products. I don’t know why – maybe the fact that my flakey dad always used – and still – uses a shampoo from the brand. But now I feel like they are trying to target a younger crowd which is nice. Another theory is that I’m getting older and moving into their target group! I much prefer the first theory 😉 

I won’t get into too much detail as I’m going to do a review in a month or so, when I have been testing it – and testing it good. The product from the line I’m most looking forward too is .. Yes, you guessed it – the Extra Thickining Treatment. It just have a fun concept plus a weird pump-thingy which you are supose to place on the scalp and pump the the product out. Easy peasy .. and fun. 

Have you tried any products from Head & Shoulders – or even this line? What did you think?

Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

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Curly Curls // Redken Curvaceous Curl Dive

180 ml, £29
Do you have natural curls? And have you straighten your too much and are having difficulties getting the curls back? Look no further Redken Curvaceous Curl Dive has come to your rescue! Yes, I am aware that this sounds just like a sales pitch which it kinda of is but then not.

I have a lot of hair, a lot of thick to normal hair, non coloured (at the moment) with natural curls. Coloured hair and curls tend to need a lot of moisture – I need to apply oil to my hair everyday otherwise it will get dry. Crunch, crunch

Due to a straight hair trend, I straighten my hair a little too much and I now have difficulties getting my natural curls back. I miss my curls! So when I saw a review of this, I knew that I had to try it myself. It is my first Redken product, I think, and I am very impressed. I plan to try other products from the Curvaceous range – do let me know if you have any recommendations? 

Now to the review of this gorgeous hair mask. The best thing about this hair mask is its consistency! It is very thick and buttery consistency – just the way I like my hair masks! It has a lovely but very subtle nutty scent. And now that I’m sat hair smelling my hair I find hat the scent does not linger which I like! I have one dislike though – why the H are hair masks almost always in a pot? It’s so annoying. Water is everywhere in the shower – doh! And it is everywhere in my pot of hair mask. 

I use this hair mask once a week. I usually use it after I have used my loved deep cleansing shampoo (do let me know if you want a review). I find that that shampoo strips the hair and makes it ready to be dosed with moisture from the hair mask. I let it do its job between 5-15 minutes – depending on how long my shower is that day. WOLA, but long lost curls are starting to come back to life! 

– A hair mask for you if you either have very dry hair or/and curls that you want to bring back to life
– I really think that I will always have this in stock! I know that you can buy it at different hairdressers but take a look online too – you might find some great offers! 

Hope you liked this review – do remember to let me know if you have any recommendations within the same range or a totally different brand <3

Lot of love


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London Fashion week is happening. Gosh I would love to be there! I really want to do more fashion posts – hopefully there will be more outfits of the day in the future. Fingers crossed. Today though, I wanted to share a wished outfit! are looking for the next trendsetters – so if there are any Danish bloggers reading this, click the link and enter too. To get to the semifinals I need your help, please. Go to this link and vote on my picture and I will love you more! Thank you <3

I am a total lip junkie – there I said it. So I wanted to base this outfit around a beautiful bright orange lip! In this case I would love to own one of these 3 picks. Fortunately I already own the gorgeous MAC Morange. Hopefully it will be featured in a future OOTD post. 

I love me a bit of blue – both pastel and bright. Therefore I cooperated both in this outfit. It is no secret – I LOVE MINT – and this beaut of a cardigan is actually mine and is from Gina Tricot. I really wanted to have this as a main piece. The bright blue boots locks in the bright orange lips. Just look at them – wow. 

Lastly – I really love the fringe trend! It is so fun and cowboy-esk. I don’t know if I would be able to rock the backpack trend but I kind of like these two trend combined. 

How would you incorporate colour into your wardrobe for the AW14 season?

Lots of love
Marie-Louise xx
Jeg konkurrerer i Trendsetter Search på 
Shop the look:

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Nails of the day // Classical Reds

To be honest I didn’t even own a red nail polish before I saw my mom had thrown this one out! I know, I know. It is kind of weird that I haven ever owned a classic red polish before – but I think I tend to go colours with a different edge to it! 

Oh – and mom didn’t threw this one out because it was bad or anything, she just hate the colour red for some reason and her husband at bought one for her. Yes, she actually said: “I have to many nail polishes!!” Wait, whaaat?  

This one work fine. It is from Max Factor Nailfinity 731 Redly Nightshade. It does not have any special brush or formular or anything but it works fine. I usually apply 2 coats of any of my nail polishes but this is pigmented enough for just one coat! I applied two – just in case, you know! 

To top this post of – I made a polywore with some reds that I might have to take more than one peek at. I need 1 (read: 10) more reds in my life! 

Classical Reds
Please let me know if you have any reds that I just need! I would love to get more as they are so classical! <3 

Lot of love

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Empties // Skin Care + mini update

So I’m sat here listening to James Bay – I don’t know if I’m late to the game or what but you should do yourself that favour and listen to his gorgeous voice. I have a thing for male singers. I just love their voices. I have been listening to him the last couple of weeks – as I was writing my Work Experience Report and prepping for the oral examination which I finished yesterday! Yes FREEDOM.. for 1 week and then off to write my BA assignment! 
This post is going to be about skin care empties which will be no surprise do to the title. These empties I had to empty while I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as I could not bring it home with me – might have shopped a bit (read: A LOT

L’ORÈAL Paris Skin Perfection3 in 1 Purifyring Micellar Solution is the first thing I finished and I love it. This is my 2. or 3. bottle and I got my sister hooked on it too. It cleanses beautifully – both face and eye make up! I just adore micealler waters. Right now I’m testing the Nivea one which is also very nice. 
Would I buy it again: Yes, definitely – just testing other waters as I write this post.

Next on we have another L’oréal offering; L’ORÉAL Paris Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil which I actually wrote a whole post about quite some time ago but here is the link to it. It is a very easy product and it dissolves the make up in less than 20 seconds! 
Would I buy it again: Same answer as previous product.

Lastly I have a toner from Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Anti Bacterial Toner (wow a long name). This toner is one of my first toners and it is very nice indeed! I was actually looking on the MTTO site just yesterday as I was lustering for a new one. It does what a toner is suppose to but the anti bacterial effect helps me to not break out! I don’t have a particular blemish prone skin but I still feel that this one helps to not break out. 
Would I buy it again: Yes, yes – wups, on the MTTO site I went!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any recommendations for substitutes? 

Lot of love 
Marie-Louise xx

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Vietnam Travels // Paradise here we come!

Everyone at the pool! 
Oh you know, just relaxing with a coconut – as you do! 

Just one of the 100’s of my food-pictures!
 Fresh fish market in the morning! 
OK, so where did we leave things of the last time? Oh yeah! I’m going to make you a tiny bit jealoux with pictures of a little place called Long Hai Beach aka Paradise. We were recommended to go here by our Vietnamese teacher as she new it wouldn’t be packed with tourists which meant we would have the whole resort for ourselves. On the other hand this also meant that they weren’t use to tourists and did not speak or understand English that well. Que the creativity and sign language! We had fun though, we had a little coconut accident – short story, we ordered 3 and got 7. haha

We wanted to go to a beach and chil-lax before the whole school-and-the-internship-race began as that would mean ‘no more free time’! I think this post is going to be a short and sweet one, as a picture says more than words, right? 

I would definitely recommend going to Long Hai Beach, it is a little 4-hour drive but it’s worth it. It’s beautiful and the food is incredible! Incredible! I liked fish before, now I love it! Yum, yum. 

Have you been to Long Hai Beach? Are you liking these Travel posts?
Do let me know in the comments <3 

Lot of love – from Vietnam
Marie-Louise xx

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B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits

B-day Wish List // The One With The Beauty Bits
Do you know what day it is!? You probably know it, if you have been reading my 2 last posts (here and here) It’s my birthday! Yay! I hope you are having a great week so far? I am having my last interning-day at Triumph in Vietnam both sad but also happy as this means last days of free-time in Ho Chi Minh City before heading home Sunday evening. By then I have been here for 3 months – a great 3 months it has been I might say. I have a Vietnam Travels Series (new one will be up Friday) if you feel like taking a read. 

I am working all day today, but tonight.. Tonight we’re going to the best Mexican place in Ho Chi Minh City and I am so excited – hopefully we will be drinking cocktails at the highest building afterwards! 
But now to the wish list. I wanted to share my some beauty wish bits. Don’t worry, this isn’t the whole list but it would have been too huge of a post otherwise! Skincare is the first category. I really want to get more into skin care and these products are ones that I have been hearing loads about – Especially the Emma Hardie Amazing face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moriga Cleansing Balm – wowza a name! 

Make up wise I am so in love in the Lorac Pro palette! I kind of really need it in my life – as if I need more eyeshadows! Two other make up bits are two Nars products; The Radient Creamy Concealer and The Sheer Glow Foundation. I haven’t lost my Nars-virginity, these are definitely on the top picks! 

Next is the Brush Corner! I don’t really need a bunch of new brushes – or do I? Well, I really want to try Sigma brushes (yes I know, slaps her wrist). Zoeva brushes are brushes I hear a lot about in the whole youtube/blogger community. This set is just gorgeous. It’s from the Rose Gold Collection and I need them. 

Lastly, the hair! I have been on the hunt for the perfect heat protecting spray. This Bumble & Bumble Does It All Styling Spray is both heat protecting but also styling – as the name nicely informs you. The Moroccan Oil is something you NEED in your life and mine is totally empty. 

Do let me know if you have tried any of these products! I would love to know if they’re any good! 

Have a lovely day! <3

Lot of love
Marie-Louise xx

A little PS for my mom: Some of these products have links from & *hint, hint*

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